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Today, root celery is considered a fairly common vegetable to grow on your own plot. This is explained by the fact that such a root vegetable, in addition to its composition rich in beneficial properties, will add a special piquancy and pleasant aroma to almost any dish.

Unfortunately, many people refuse to grow celery on their own due to the fact that they consider this plant to be very capricious. However, having studied the characteristics of the vegetable crop and its cultivation itself, planting it will certainly give good results and delight you with a rich harvest.

Planting root celery in seedlings should begin in mid-to-late February, but no later than the beginning of March. This period is due to the fact that the growing season of such a root crop is quite long and can range from 120 to 190 days.

Seeds can be sown in pre-moistened soil. To do this, not deep (about 1 cm) grooves should be made in the ground. It is worth leaving a distance of 4-5 cm between the seeds. Seeds germinate faster if nothing is sprinkled on top of them. Some gardeners practice sowing in snow, for which a layer of snow is placed on a layer of soil, and then the seeds themselves.